Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life , live it or get out of the way

So many say just what my title does, but how many really live life? I try to i am an admitted puter geek.But i am so much more than just that also. I am an animal lover, a music lover , a person that actually knows what a hard day's work is and a night full of laughter. Not to bad for my 35 years i don't think.In life we will find that we shit and get shit upon, sometimes accadently sometimes on purpose.What i don't get is the emo people on these blogs that whine and cry how bad life is.Life is what we make it folks!!! Yep a clechea but it is the truth, if u sit and whine and cry about life you ain't living it you are looking in the window wanting it.Some of use the computer to bleed away from life(personally I do) some use it to vent on their lives and ya that makes sense to. There are some that even use it for their rosey palm date. Yes i went there but it is true.If u cant find something to make you laugh on the computer go outside spend time with family friends and live life.Now that i have gotten the fall lay off thats what i am doing i spend half the time on the computer i did this time last year. Its good for me not the reason i am on half the time but just to go out and enjoy life.. Now if you want to read a good humor blog go here Nipsy is an awesome writer and I have a lot of respect for her. just dont tell her i said so.

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